Who we are

SECOVISA, since its founding in 1987, has been characterized by its continual dedication to improvement and excellence. It has everything necessary to achieve the highest standards in the Company’s Management, Technical and Marketing departments. This philosophy allows us provide specialized services to our customers, which range from the supply of all types of spare parts, machinery and accessories up to the execution of repairs or “turn-key” installations.

We are located in a 3,500 m2 plot in the Business Park in Jerez de la Frontera. Our structure is comprised by offices which house our Corporate departments, Display room, Warehouse with sale to the public, a 500 m2 Workshop, mobile equipment and vehicle fleet. This allows us to perform expert work in our facilities and in our customers’ work sites with premium quality and guarantees.

All the above, combined with the official distribution of machinery from prestigious firms, permit us to execute complete “turn-key” installation projects, based on the studies specifically developed by our Technical Department or in collaboration with specialist engineers in the different industrial sectors.


SECOVISA was founded in Jerez de la Frontera (Cadiz) in 1987 by Mr. Salvador Díaz Barrera and Mr. Salvador Cordero Martín. This company, due to its location, was founded to cover the needs of the Vineyard-Wine Production sector, where we have acquired know-how and experience in this field; this has ensured the company’s continuous growth since its founding and the continual inauguration of new industrial sectors.

In 1989, SECOVISA founded the company HERPASUR, a firm specialized in the manufacture of stainless steel tanks for diverse industrial sectors, primarily oil, wine and distillation, chemical and bio-fuels.

Hence jointly with the collaboration with the leading companies in different industrial fields, today, we have an international presence in a wide range of industrial sectors and countries.