We are backed by years of experience in

different sections

Years of professional experience in different sectors, jointly with the collaboration with prestigious firms as official distributors, have allowed us to execute all types of “turn-key” installations for various industrial sectors with premium quality and guarantees.

detalle solución tuberias


At SECOVISA and HERPASUR, we jointly execute the installation of complete plants for the manufacturing processes of oils and their subsequent storage.

depositos fermentacion


SECOVISA has especially developed within the Wine Sector due to its proximity to one of the most influential wine areas, the Jerez (Sherry) trademark.


Beer Brewery Sector

SECOVISA manufactures and designs complete plants for the brewing of industrial and craft beers, which comprise all types of production processes.


Design & decoration

SECOVISA and its Design Department prepare and execute all types of custom-made studies according to customer petition for different decorative elements…

detalle inox embarcación (foto internet)


Due to the company’s proximity to the Cadiz coast, SECOVISA has extensive experience in the design and execution of different custom-made parts and elements…

sector hostelero


SECOVISA in mutual collaboration with various firms, has a complete range of stainless steel furniture which is required by the Hotel-Restaurant sector.

Fabricación de colonias

Chemical and Cosmetic

SECOVISA and Herpasur have jointly executed different installations in the chemical and cosmetic sector, such as for example, the study…